Lightweight Expedition Aluminum Transport Chair

Lightweight Expedition Aluminum Transport Chair

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• Weighs only 19 lbs
• Available in blue or red frames
• Folds flat for easy transport (Figure A)
• Handy lever on chair back makes it easy and convenient to fold back down (Figure B)
• Comes with seat belt
• Companion activated wheel locks
• 12″ rear “flat-free” wheels

56 image: Help Inc. - Everyone is relying on you. You can rely on us.


EXP19LTBL Expedition X-Light Blue TransChair,1/ea
EXP19LTRD Expedition X-Light Red TransChair,1/ea


Back Height 18″
Carton Shipping Weight 24 lbs
Overall Height 38″
Overall Length w/ Riggings 38″
Overall Width 22″ (open) | 10.75″ (closed)
Seat Dimensions 19″ (W) x 16″ (D)
Seat To Floor Height 19″
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Weight 19 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs


STDS1070 Seat Rail Guide, Removable Arm, 1/ea, EA
STDS871 Hand Grip,Sentra,1/ea, EA
STDS4020 Tipping Sleeve 1/ea, EA
STDS002001 Arm Pad Screw,1/ea, EA
STDSFLVB UniversalWheelChairVinylFullArmPad,1/ea, EA
STDS5D5505 Wheel Brake,Left,EXP19LT,1ea, EA
STDS5D5506 Wheel Brake,Right,EXP19LT,1ea, EA
STDS5D5507 Rear Axle Bearings,EXP19LT,1pair, PR
STDS5D5508 Rear Hub Cap,EXP19LT,1ea, EA
STDS5D5509 Rear Axle Bolt with Sleeve,EXP19LT,1ea, EA
STDS5D5510 Rear Wheel,EXP19LT,1ea, EA
STDS5D5513 Front Axle Bearings,EXP19LT,1pair, PR
STDS5D5514 Front Axle,EXP19LT,1ea, EA
STDS5D5515 Front Caster,EXP19LT,1ea, EA
STDS5D5516 Front Fork,Blue,EXP19LT,1ea, EA
STDS5D5517 Front Fork,Red,EXP19LT,1ea, EA
STDS5D5518 Fork Stem Bearings,EXP19LT,1pair, PR
STDS5D1069 Hanger Pins for ATC, SSP, Cruiser,4/pk, BAG
STDS3J0929 Seat Upholstery,19″ATC 3J,5D,9H,1/ea, EA
STDS5D5519 SeatUpholsteryScrews,8Pack,EXP19LT,1pkg, PKG

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