Golden EZ Sleeper PR761

EZ Sleeper PR761

EZ Sleeper PR761: Help Inc. - Everyone is relying on you. You can rely on us.

The EZ Sleeper is a luxury power lift recliner featuring a modern look with a
tailored back and stylish track arm design, while the plush chaise pad and
pocketed coil spring seat provide hours of unmatched comfort. Positioning
options are endless with our 5-zone positioning system, which includes our
patented Twilight Technology, patented MaxiComfort® Positioning, adjustable
headrest and lumbar support. Healthy benefits include being able to elevate
the feet above the heart while experiencing a feeling of weightlessness.

Standard Features:

• Patented Twilight Tilt Technology
• Patented MaxiComfort® Positioning
• Adjustable Headrest
• Adjustable Lumbar
• Programmable AutoDrive™ Hand Control
• USB Charging Port
• Extra Pocket

EZ Sleeper PR761 with Twilight: Help Inc. - Everyone is relying on you. You can rely on us.


• Elevates Feet Above Heart
• Alleviates Pressure On Lungs
• Distributes Weight
• Relieves Pressure Points
• Encourages Proper Posture
• Supports Natural ‘S’ Shape of Spine
• Stylish New Track Arm Design
• Available in Luxurious Brisa® Fabrics With Breathable Technology

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