Aluminum Transport Chair

Aluminum Transport Chair


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• Weighs only 19 lbs
• Aluminum frame is lightweight and strong
• Composite 8″ wheels are lightweight and maintenance free
• Both 17″ and 19″ come with swing-away footrests
• Comes with seat belt for added safety
• Padded armrests provide additional comfort
• Nylon upholstery is comfortable, lightweight and easy-to-clean Back folds down for storage and transport
• Aluminum casted back-release hinge allows back to fold down for easy storage and transport

54 image: Help Inc. - Everyone is relying on you. You can rely on us.


ATC17-BK Transport Chair17″ Black,1/cs
ATC17-BL Transport Chair17″ Blue 1/cs
ATC17-RD Transport Chair,Alum.17″Red, 1/ea
ATC19-BK Transport Chair,Blk,19″ Black,1/cs
ATC19-BL Transport Chair,Alum.19in Blue,1/cs
ATC19-RD Transport Chair,Alum.19″Red,1/cv


Carton Shipping Weight 24 lbs
Overall Height 39.5″
Overall Length w/ Riggings 33″
Overall Width 20″ (open) | 9″ (closed) | 22″ (open) | 9″ (closed)
Seat Dimensions 17″ (W) x 16″ (D) | 19″ (W) x 16″ (D)
Seat To Floor Height 19″
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Weight 19 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Width Between Arms 15″ | 17″


STDS1040S Cup Holder, Swivel,1BX,6/CS, BX
PARTS Description
STDS871 Hand Grip,Sentra,1/ea, EA
STDS1026 Front Bumper for Ft.Rst/LegRest,1/ea, EA
STDS1051 Dust Cap, fork stem, 1/ea, EA
STDS1011 Wheel Bearing, 8mm x 22mm 1/ea, EA


STDS8M4601 ForkStemBearing,SSP2,Cruiser,1/ea, EA
STDS001000 Axle Cap 8mm, 1ea, EA
STDS1002-1 Axle for 8″ caster, 1/ea, EA
STDS3J3900 Front Caster,8″TR39,1/ea, EA
STDS5D1070 SeatRailGuide5D,1ea, EA
STDS8M4603 BrakeTipSleeve,Cruiser,SSP, 1/ea, EA
STDS5D1069 Hanger Pins for ATC, SSP, Cruiser,4/pk, BAG
STDS3J091R Footrest Rlse Lever,ATC,Black,Rt,1/ea, EA
STDS3J091L Footrest Rlse Lever,ATC,Lt.1/e, EA
STDS3J0917 Back Upholstery,17″ ATC 3J, 1/ea, EA
STDS3J0919 Back Upholstery,19″ATC, 3J,5D,9H,1/ea, EA
STDS5D09K7 Push Handle,Black,ATC 5D,1ea, EA
STDS5D09B7 Push Handle,Blue,ATC 5D,1ea, EA
STDS5D09R7 Push Handle,Red,ATC 5D,1ea, EA
STDS5D09S7 Push Handle,Silver,ATC 5D,1ea, EA
STDS5D092L Brake Assembly,Left,ATC 5D,1ea, EA


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