Medical Supply

At Help Inc. we have a full line of medical supplies to help people at home with their daily lives. Ranging from mobility aids, like wheelchairs and rollators, to bathroom aids and everyday needs. The staff at Help Inc. are ready to help with any insurance and requirement questions you may have. Our staff is also fully trained to answer any question you may have about your needs in medical supplies.

Help, Inc. is licensed as a Basic (DME) Durable Medical Equipment Company and retains Medicare/Medicaid certification. Help, Inc. is Accredited and in good standing through (HQAA) Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation Thanx.


Bath Safety
Compression Garments
Hospital Beds
Incontinent Supplies
Mobility Aids
Specialty Items

Changes in Medicare regulations preclude Help Inc. from billing for mobility aids.
We can, however, bill private insurance for items.