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Companion Care

Help, Inc is licensed as a Personal Assistance Service through (TDADS) Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities.

Personal Care
Care partners can provide assistance with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and ambulation.  Personal care or ‘hands-on care’ is the defining feature of a care partner’s job. This clearly distinguishes their job from that of a maid or domestic servant. Rather than care for the home, their greater concern is care of the person.

Errands and Transportation
Transportation is a big part of our services. Help, Inc. care partners can run errands for you or take you where you need to go.  They can assist with general shopping, picking up and dropping off dry cleaning, going to the pharmacy, as well as taking you to doctor appointments, or the beauty shop.  When needed care partners can also transport you to the Houston Medical Center for scheduled appointments.

Meal Preparation
Help, Inc. care partners can help you with meal planning, keeping a running grocery list, grocery shopping, monitoring diet,  meal preparation, cleaning-up after meals, and labeling and dating leftover food.

Medication Reminders
Help, Inc. is a non-medical service and we can only remind you to take pre-set medications when it is time. Care partners are not allowed to administer medications.  Help, Inc. can arrange for medications to be set weekly by a nurse if you have a special need.

Light Housekeeping
Housekeeping is referred to as ‘light’ because it is incidental to your direct personal care.  Care partners can tidy the kitchen and bathroom, dust, vacuum, change bed linens, and do the your personal laundry. Care partners do not wash windows, do yard work, heavy chores, or serve an entire family.

An important part of overall health is staying mentally active. Our care partners can help you write letters, sort mail, record and arrange recipes, clip coupons, maintain family scrapbooks, and discuss current events.  For fun and mental exercise our care partner’s can play board or card games with you, accompany you on walks, plan visits and outings with your friends, and work on puzzles and crafts that you enjoy. Care partners can also take you out to eat, to attend a club meeting, or religious services.

Organizational Assistance
Along with companionship our care partners can arrange and keep up with scheduled appointments. They can remind them and help keep a calendar of family and friends birthdays and anniversaries.  Oversee home deliveries and help with bill paying, answering the door and phone, checking messages, and keeping a communication book.

Help, inc. care partners can help family caregivers by keeping a log. This tool helps families monitor their loved one’s eating habits, medication usage, and health status when they cannot be there.

How Do I Get Help
Please contact us to learn more about our Companion Care.