Compression Garments

Compression garments are pieces of clothing such as socks, pantyhose, sleeves, etc, that provide support that is especially useful for people who have to stand for long periods, or people with poor circulation. The garments can come in varying degrees of compression. The higher degrees require a doctor’s prescription. Compression garments worn on the legs can help prevent deep vein thrombosis and reduce swelling, especially while traveling. We carry Farrow Wraps, Jobst, and Juzo to cover any customer’s needs for compression garments. A fitting may be needed to get the correct size so please call to schedule an appointment.

Women’s Support Wear

Men’s Support Wear


FarrowWrap Classic Custom Legpiece

FarrowWrap CLASSIC legpiece is designed for moderate to severe edema control and resists popping into skin folds. Recognized as the “original FarrowWrap”, it is used and loved by people all over the world. It is available in OTS and Custom garments. It must be hand washed.