Bath Safety
The bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the home of an aging adult or disabled person. At Help Inc. there are many different products that are available to help people in and around their bathroom. There are many more questions to ask about each bathroom and understanding that each elderly or disabled person is unique.Give us a call for more information on any items or if a question comes up that makes you wonder if a problem you are having has come up for other people.

A few questions to ask when thinking of bathroom safety are:

Bedside Commode
A bedside commode is a piece of equipment that is used, as the name says, by the bed, but the bedside commode is also known as a 3-n-1. This means the equipment can be used as a standalone commode by the bed, as a raised toilet seat, or as a frame that sits around the standard commode for safety.

Transfer Bench
A bath safety device which the user sits on to get into a bathtub. The user usually sits on the chair, which straddles the side of the tub, and moves from the outside to the inside of the tub.  A transfer bench is a great thing for someone who is having  trouble getting in or out of a bathtub, but does not want to remodel the entire bathroom.

Shower Chair
A shower chair allows a user to continue using a walk in shower or a bath tub if the user is not having problems getting into the bathroom. A shower chair is usually made of plastic to extend the life of the equipment. There are even some models made of PVC that can have wheels and a commode opening to accommodate any style of bathroom or situation a patient may be in.





 Important Reminder: Medicare only covers bathroom items under certain conditions.
Please feel free to call us for the criteria.