Silicone Prosthesis and Leisure Forms

Amoena Energy – Lets your body breathe
Amoena’s Energy breast form with comfort plus reduces overheating behind the breast form to help maintain a constant comfortable temperature all day. The unique three-dimensional pearl surface on the back of the breast form allows air to flow freely behind the form. The resulting air ventilation reduces perspiration and increases evaporation.

Amoena Natura – Natural look and movement
Amoena’s Natura breast form is designed to give a more natural feeling and appearance. This form moves naturally with the body and flattens when lying down. This form also features temperature equalizing comfort plus technology.

Amoena Contact – Feels like a part of you
Amoena Contact breast forms adhere directly to the skin for a secure fit with no slipping.  This form is a great option for women with active lifestyles, because it stays in place with every movement.

Amoena Essential Deluxe – Secure fit with a gentle hug
Amoena’s Essential Deluxe form has a flowable gel back that is designed to gently hug the unique shape of a women’s chest wall. The form provides a snug fit and is non-irritating to scar tissue. This form is made from a soft lightweight silicone, and is about 30% lighter than standard silicone breast forms of the same shape.

Amoena Essential – Balanced and secure fit
Amoena Essential breast forms are designed to meet the essential everyday needs of a women following breast surgery.

Anita Authentic – Perceptibly Natural
This form provides an excellent fit and authentic feeling. During a hug there is no perceptible difference in comparison to the unoperated breast. This form also relieves strain on your back because it is up to 35% lighter than conventional full breast forms.

Anita FlexGap Breast Forms
The unique technology of Anita’s patented FlexGap system ensures natural movement and allows the breast form to flatten naturally when the wearer is reclining – just like the intact breast.

Anita Microfibre Back Breast Forms
Ribbed design breast form with soft breathable microfiber backing for extra skin-friendliness.
TriCup design is for individual adaptation, depth can be varied without affecting the weight using medical fleece.

Anita Ribbed Design Breast Forms – Light and Active
Ideal for swimming thanks to the ribbed design which allows water to drain away quickly and also ensures that the breast form is not pushed upwards.

Leisure Forms

Weighted Foam Form – Ideal for wear while sleeping
This form is made for polyurethane foam and is slightly weighted to hold the form in place. This form features soft comfort plus temperature-equalizing fabric that reduces perspiration behind the form. Ultra soft removable, washable fabric cover helps maintain a clean environment.

Non-weighted Foam Form
Polyurethane foam covered by smooth polyester on the front side and soft absorbent cotton-blend fabric on the back.