Post Surgery Garments

The post surgery garments can be used for the following:


Depending on individual policies post surgery garments may be covered by Medicare and private insurance .


Post-operative camisoles include two fiberfill leisure forms for symmetry, and two removable pouches for drain management. All the camisoles have zip-front, hook and eye, or step-in entry for easy dressing and undressing while recovering range of motion after sugery. The Hannah Collection from amoena has vitamin E and aloe infused into the fabric to bring soothing comfort to a woman’s skin. Extra pouches can be purchased if needed.

Compression Vest and Bras
Juzo Compression Bra
Inconspicuous under clothing, this bra is ideal for post-mastectomy, post-biopsy, and post-lumpectomy patients. This bra helps promote healthy scar tissue formation, while preventing scar tissue build-up.
Back Closure
Not Pocketed
Compression: 15-20mmHgAmoena Patricia # 2863 Compression Vest
A light compression garment made with a brushed, plush-feeling Naturexx blend fabric that wicks moisture away from the body and dissipates body heat. The fabric offers a 2-way stretch for ultimate comfort. Naturexx blend pockets wick moisture and hold leisure or silicone forms securely in place. Comes packaged with one fiberfill leisure form. An inner foam sling supports the chest and side area while the long line frame provides comfort. Velcro cushion straps have adaptable positioning for ease in dressing and/or accessing port.
Zip front closure with hook and eye for more security

Compression Belt
Specifically designed for immediately after breast augmentation surgery to keep implants securely in place and to help prevent them moving upwards.

Designed to be used with the amoena Patricia compression vest Style # 2863.

Leisure and Post-surgical Bras
Made with soft fabric that is comfortable to sensitive skin leisure bras are perfect for the first weeks after surgery.  All leisure bras have front closure for easy dressing. Removable drainage pouches can be attached to some leisure bra styles for drain management. Leisure bras are also great for lounging, bedtime wear, and light exercise.
Sizes XS-4XL

Leisure and Post-surgical Forms

Amoena Fiberfill Post-surgical Form
Provides symmetry immediately after surgery, used with camisole, compression vest and leisure bras. The form is easy to adjust by adding or removing fiberfill from the opening in the back.. Extra fiberfill Included.

Non-weighted Foam Leisure Form
Polyurethane foam covered by smooth polyester on the front side and a soft absorbent cotton-blend fabric on the back. To be used while recovering from surgery and at times of leisure.

Premium Priform
Amoena’s premium leisure forms feature SmartSilver technology a silver treatment in the back fabric that provides a natural antimicrobial benefit of inhibiting bacterial growth. The treatment does not wash or wear off and keeps working through the life of the form. Extremely soft and comfortable fabric form. Easy to Adjust form to the right fullness by adding or removing fiberfill.

Weighted and Non-weighted Foam Leisure Form with Comfort+
Lightweight, fabric covered foam form is ultra-comfortable. The comfort+ fabric layer works continuously to maintain a dry environment by absorbing excess body heat and helping to reduce perspiration behind the form.