Lymphedema Supplies


Juzo Arm Sleeves
Juzo Arm sleeves aid in the prevention and management of upper extremity lymphedema. Designed to make you feel comfortable and confident, Juzo garments move with you to provide a full range of motion. So stylish and comfortable, you’ll forget it’s a compression garment. Juzo Gauntlets and Gloves offer an  effective way to control your lymphedema. The inconspicuous, breathable knit offers maximum comfort and flexibility. It’s the perfect choice – durable, easy-wear, easy-care fabric, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin.

JOBST Armsleeve
The JOBST Armsleeve is ideal for the management of lymphedema of the arm. Advanced technology allows JOBST to knit exceptionally soft and comfortable arm sleeves that provide proven compression for the management of lymphedema. The JOBST ready to wear 15-20mmHg armsleeve and gauntlet are specially designed for patients with mild edema, patients who cannot tolerate higher compression or have donning issues.

Lymphe Divas
Founded by two young breast cancer survivors with lymphedema and a fashion designer to provide a more fashionable and comfortable alternative for the management of lymphedema. Lymphedivas mission is to create fashionable compression apparel for women with lymphedema to inspire them to feel beautiful, strong, and confident. Lymphedivas arm sleeves and gauntlets are available in a large variety of colors and prints.

JoViPak Arm Sleeve
For nightwear, JoViPak’s are a safer alternative

than daytime compression garments. JoviPaks are filled with a blend of highly resilient foam chips which mobilize the trapped proteins that ultimately lead to fibrosis. The foam is held in place by a unique continuous flow stitching pattern that channels and guides lymph flow toward alternate functional pathways.

Nylon/Spandex JoViJackets are available for all JoViPak Arm sleeves as a substitute for short-stretch bandages. JoviJackets are available in matching lengths for each arm sleeve product.