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Eileen Pinkerton



Eileen began working as a care partner for Help, Inc. in 1997 and became the proprietor of the business in 2001. She has seen the business grow from a one person office to a six person office, and watched that office grow from one room to the purchase of our building in the summer of 2007. This purchase was necessary due to the addition of the Home Medical Supply and the need for showroom space and street access for our clients.

Eileen is married to husband, Darrell and has two sons and three grandchildren. She lives in Lake Jackson.



Linda Frost



Office Manager

Linda brings a unique combination of office skills and a strong desire to improve the quality of life for our area seniors.  She has 20+ years of management experience with a leading west coast property management company and 5 years in the field with Help, Inc. as a caregiver.  Having been in the field, she is very aware of the daily struggles of, not only the client, but the client’s family and caregivers as well.  Linda has one son, Justin, who lives in Portland, Oregon.  Linda makes her home in Brazoria and looks forward to being a part of Help, Inc.’s continued success and growth.


Candice Hobbes


Retail Manager

Candice was employed with Help, Inc. for two years before moving to Florida to attend the University of West Florida, were she earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Education and Community Health.  She returned to Help, Inc. in 2007 as the Community Education and Marketing coordinator. “Working at Help, Inc. helped me pick my major, the company has grown and made so many improvements, it is great to be a part of the Help, Inc. family again.”



Jamae Bowman


Sales Associate

Special events and public presentations are Jamae’s contribution to Help, Inc’s services. She has a B.S. from Arkansas Tech University and is a Certified Volunteer Administrator. Jamae and her husband, Joe, have lived in Lake Jackson since 1983. They have two daughters and two granddaughters.



Kirby Pinkney


Staffing Supervisor

Kirby is a local native of Brazoria county. She has 10+ years of experience in sales,management, and financing. She has been with Help Inc for 2 years working in the companion care field and within the office. Kirby approaches each client with great care and consideration to meet their needs. She strives to provide each client with compatible care partners to ensure safety within each home. “I love my community it gives me great pride to know that I can be of service.”